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Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Explaining Judaism for Christians

If you are a Christian or otherwise not Jewish and would like an innovative and high level introduction to Judaism, this online/home schooling program is for you. It utilizes our 500+ brief videos in 22 categories, available online a list of terms to know, items to memorize if you wish, 38 value concepts to learn and even a 100 question exam if you want to test how much you have learned. We have videos to help you with all the terms and exam. There is no homework, no credit, this is just to learn-though it it similar to the college basic Judaism courses we have taught and to the program we ask those converting to Judaism to undertake. The point of this course is not conversion, simply edification. People can gain a better understanding of what formed Jesus' worldview, his practices and beliefs for example. Rabbis are available to answer your questions if you wish.

We truly do not mean in any way to offend. Since we are believing Jews, it is possible some videos may. Please forgive us in advance. Also, we are not Orthodox and therefore some of our views on Creation, Bible authorship, social issues etc. may vary from yours. As you probably know, not all Jews agree with what we say here. In fact we joke-2 Jews, three opinions.

The tuition for this special online course is only $249 plus approx. $100 books we suggest you purchase. 

This is equivalent to a college level introduction to judaism course

The topics covered in the 16 session course
1 God/Theology/Philosophy/Mitzvot
2. Christianity/Holy Books/ Mitzvot
3. Spiritual models/denominations/Mysticism
4. Synagogue and Ritual Objects
5. Prayer
6. Jewish History
7. Shabbat
8. Jewish Time/ High Holidays
9. Sukkot/Hanukah/Purim
10. Passover/Shavuot/Tisha Bav
11. Kashrut=dietary rules
12. Jewish Peoplehood/Conversion
13. Anti Semitism/Holocaust
14. Israel
15. Life Cycle: Birth through Marriage
16. Life Cycle: Divorce through Death and Beyond
17. Values
18. 100 Question Exam
19. Weekly Torah portion
20. Humor and Jokes
21. Thoughts and Sermons
22. Introduction to Judaism /Conversion class TERMS per sessions 1-16

To pay for the course you can pay using the paypal link here or send us your credit card billing name, address, card number and expiration date